Students and volunteers are invited to apply for Dream Jamaica Summer 2016

Our Mission

We envision a Jamaica where students are inspired and empowered to succeed and to positively impact their community.

Our mission is to provide meaningful mentoring relationships along with educational and professional opportunities that will inspire and empower young people to pursue their dreams, accomplish their goals, and positively impact their communities.

Who We Are

Dream Jamaica volunteers and donors are compassionate about helping high school students achieve their dreams. Dream Jamaica is committed to:

  • Providing students with a foundation for academic success
  • Educating students about the opportunities and challenges of their dream careers
  • Inspiring students by facilitating interaction with successful professionals
  • Empowering students by providing leadership opportunities to help them understand their role in society

What We Do

Our mission is to inspire young Jamaicans to pursue their dreams by providing educational and professional opportunities through transformative programs and meaningful mentoring relationships:
Our activities include:

  • Providing mentors for high school students
  • Partnering with local organizations to provide internships
  • Hosting workshops to equip students with technical skills
  • Providing scholarships to economically challenged participants

Dream Jamaica requires participants to give back to the community through service learning projects.

Board of Directors

  • Arthur Bailey, President
  • Allen Engler
  • Francisca Hunt
  • Iris Finch
  • Linda Hunt
  • Michelle Rankine
  • Rachel Donaldson
  • Rohan Budhai
  • Shemiele Da'Briel, Founder
  • Sherene Da'Briel
  • Zainab Lasisi

Program Staff

Ballecia Richards, Program Manager

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